Thursday, September 6, 2012

Benefits of Highland Dance

As a kid, I could've taken up the piano, or ballet, or dirt biking (there's a mental picture for you - me sprawled on the side of the track), but I took up Scottish Highland dance. And I'm glad I did, because it changed my life in ways I never would have anticipated.

Many hobbies or activities can shape other areas of your life, but Highland dance is outstanding in its benefits for dancers! Check out just a few of the benefits of this sport:

Physical benefits:
- It is a complete cardio workout
- It increases flexibility
- It works each muscle group from head to toe
- It increases endurance
- It improves posture (and even fixed my badly pronated feet!)

Mental benefits:
- It improves memorization abilities
- It builds self-confidence
- It teaches respect of self and others
- It broadens horizons by teaching world cultures

While doing this, I got to travel the US and make friends of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Many dancers also travel the world! The possibilities are endless for a Highland dancer.

- Laura Ladymon

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