What's Scottish Dance?

There are two forms of Scottish dance commonly seen today: Scottish Highland Dance and Scottish Country Dance.

What is Scottish Highland Dance?
Highland dance is a traditional dance form passed down for centuries in Scotland, and it has spread all over the world. It is an athletic, challenging dance form originated by Scottish warriors, who would dance for luck before battle or to celebrate a victory. Over time, lighter, more feminine dances have been added to the Highland repertoire and female dancers have become dominate in this formerly male-only dance form.

Highland is a unique combination of strength and grace that not only creates powerful, agile dancers, it also teaches Scottish history and instills a tenacious work ethic. Highland dancers are typically high achievers on and off the dance floor.

Whether looking for a recreational activity that provides a great cardio, flexibility, and strengthening exercise or a highly competitive pastime, Highland dance is a fantastic experience for all.

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What is Scottish Country Dance?

Scottish Country dance, also known as ceilidh dancing (kay-lee, Gaelic for party), is a social dance form that is less athletic than Highland dance, yet still offers a great low-impact workout.

Country dance is great for both the experienced dancer and those who have never had a dance class. Beginning with easy partner dances that require little more than knowing your right from your left and working up to Strathspeys and reels with more difficult formations, beginner country dance classes exercise both the body and the mind.

Anyone familiar with square dance will recognize many similarities. Scottish, Irish, and English party dances influenced our American square dance form, but our dances are a simpler step structure and typically learned beforehand instead of dictated by a caller.

If you feel the Scottish rhythm in your blood and want a social, relaxed dance class, Scottish country dance could be for you!

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