About the instructor

Laura Venable Ladymon has been dancing for 17 years. She is a retired award-winning championship competitor and has represented the southwest region at the United State Inter-Regional (US national championship). Laura studied under one of the most sought-after Highland instructors in the world, Betty Lawrence. She has been certified to teach Highland dance for 11 years through the British Association of Teachers of Dance and passed her certification exam with a "highly commended" rating.

Although retired from competitive dancing, Laura still performs at various Scottish festivals and other events with her dance troupe and several Celtic bands.

In addition to teaching Highland and Scottish Country Dance at the Ladymon School of Scottish Dance, she also teaches Highland dance and lessons on Scottish culture at venues ranging from libraries to dance camps including Celtic Camp and OU's SummerWind Youth Ballet Intensive.

Laura is an avid promoter of Scottish heritage in Oklahoma. She is currently the chief development officer for United Scottish Clans of Oklahoma, entertainment chair for the Iron Thistle Scottish Heritage Festival and Highland Games, and dance chair for Oklahoma ScotFest.

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