Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yukon classes now enrolling!

Great news, friends! Laura will be teaching a 6 week Scottish Highland dance class in Yukon, beginning Monday, October 8!

We are so pleased that Yukon has such a fantastic community education program for us to join! Whether Yukon resident or living close by, please take advantage of this opportunity by signing up at Class information listed below:

Who: All ages are welcome!
What: A Scottish Highland dance mini-course. Students will learn several Highland dances, as well as a sampling of Scottish Country dance.
Where: The Yukon Middle School 6th Grade building
When: Monday nights from 6:30 to 7:30 beginning October 8
How much: $50 per student

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oklahoma ScotFest 2012

This past weekend Laura and Lauren danced at Oklahoma ScotFest, joined by retired dancer/teacher Norah Dunbar and five-year-old Alora, and it was a blast!

The ladies performed traditional Highland and National dances - but with a few twists! Laura and Lauren showed off modified versions of Sailor's Hornpipe and Scottish Version of the Irish Jig and entertained audiences with dances performed to Celtic rock music, including songs by Wicked Tinkers and Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Audiences were especially wowed by a fun and fast finale - a slightly non-traditional Highland Fling set to a RHCP medley of "Smoke on the Water" and "Thunderstruck!"

Lauren recently learned the Hornpipe. Doesn't she look fantastic? :)

Laura performing one of her favorite dances, Blue Bonnets Over the Border.
Laura and Lauren finishing up the Hornpipe.
Norah, Laura, and Lauren performing the Highland Fling. The crowd loved the music!

If you have any photos or video of our dancers from ScotFest, we would love to see them! Please email or tag us on Facebook.

Join the Ladymon School of Scottish Dance at Global Oklahoma on Saturday, October 6 for a mix of traditional and contemporary Scottish dance and some on-site mini dance classes! We'll be available at the USCO tent all day.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Benefits of Highland Dance

As a kid, I could've taken up the piano, or ballet, or dirt biking (there's a mental picture for you - me sprawled on the side of the track), but I took up Scottish Highland dance. And I'm glad I did, because it changed my life in ways I never would have anticipated.

Many hobbies or activities can shape other areas of your life, but Highland dance is outstanding in its benefits for dancers! Check out just a few of the benefits of this sport:

Physical benefits:
- It is a complete cardio workout
- It increases flexibility
- It works each muscle group from head to toe
- It increases endurance
- It improves posture (and even fixed my badly pronated feet!)

Mental benefits:
- It improves memorization abilities
- It builds self-confidence
- It teaches respect of self and others
- It broadens horizons by teaching world cultures

While doing this, I got to travel the US and make friends of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Many dancers also travel the world! The possibilities are endless for a Highland dancer.

- Laura Ladymon